That Subway Rider Who Didn’t Recognize Jay-Z is Actually Artist Ellen Grossman

By Jamilah King Dec 06, 2012

Earlier this week, the Internet’s were buzzing with an adorable clip from a new mini documentary of an anonymous subway rider who didn’t recognize Jay-Z. The rapper was on the train to help promote his last concert to inaugurate the Barclay’s Center, home to the team that he kinda owns and really reps. Turns out that subway rider wasn’t anonymous at all, but was actually [Ellen Grossman](, a 67-year-old New York artist who’s known for her drawings and sculptures. Grossman later told [New York Magazine]( that she loved the experience. "As the conversation evolved, I realized, ‘He’s really famous!’" Grossman told Daily Intel. "So I said, ‘What was your name again?’"