Student-Led Protests Against LAUSD Continue Today

By Jorge Rivas May 18, 2009

Students protest against LAUSD this morning. Photo via CutsHurtKids/Twitter via LAist Last Friday, protests against the LAUSD began before the school day began. Hundreds of teachers called in sick to work, and many participated, with students and their parents, in gatherings on campuses and outside LAUSD headquarters, despite orders not to. Wearing black to symbolize mourning for the loss of funds and jobs, the protests continued through the day, blocking traffic, shutting down streets, and resulting in the arrest of a handful, including UTLA President AJ Duffy. This morning students continue to rally the cause of their own education, as one teacher Twittered the report: "300 Santee H.S. Students refused to come into school and are protesting pink slips and walking around the perimeter of campus!" Those students are now reportedly making their way to other schools on foot, possibly aiming to gather more participants.