‘Street Knowledge 2 College’ Profiles Students at FREE L.A. High School

A new web series looks at one innovative high school that aims close the school-to-prison pipeline.

By Von Diaz Nov 21, 2013

A new PBS web series takes a close look at an innovative Los Angeles charter high school that aims to provide alternatives for youth who have been expelled, are reentering school after being incarcerated, or have other special needs not addressed by traditional school settings. "Street Knowledge 2 College" is a 15-episode series exploring FREE L.A. High School, and the strategies they use–such as youth leadership, community organizing, and college prep classes–to engage students and get them on track to graduate. 

Among the youth featured in the series is Chrystal, a young mother who dropped out of high school when she became pregnant. FREE L.A. High School allowed her to bring her daughter to school, which gave her a chance to complete her courses in a supportive environment while caring for her newborn child. Other youth profiled in the series have equally compelling stories, such as Cris Carter, who’s been in and out of detention for the last four years and now has a chance to complete high school.  And, Henry, who works as a community organizer using skills he learned at FREE L.A, and aspires to be elected to public office.

You can watch the full web series on PBS.