States Stutter Step from Immigration Reform Laws; Construction Jobs Killing Latinos

By The News Mar 03, 2008

On Being Black Again In response to K. A. Dilday’s article on dropping African-American, readers make arguments for and against being "Black." One suggests going back to "colored." New York Times. States Rethink Immigration Reform With a lagging economy, many states that passed anti-immigration laws are rethinking and in some cases repealing ordinances that prevent undocumented immigrants from working. New America Media. Confusing Constitution Keeps Some Felons from Voting in Ala. Due to a "moral turpitude" clause in the constitution that bars only certain former convicts from voting, many felons have been fighting to regain voting rights that they never lost. New York Times. Construction Jobs Killing Latinos Without security for workers, hundreds of young Latino workers across the country die each year on construction accidents. Though OSHA claims to be working to address the problem, the rate of Latino deaths continues to rise. Chicago Tribune.