Sotomayor Hearing, Day Two: Who We’re Reading [VIDEO]

By Channing Kennedy Jul 14, 2009

Live streaming coverage of the Sotomayor confirmation hearings

Today is day two of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. In addition to our own coverage right here on RaceWire, here’s who we’re watching. (And here’s our list from yesterday.) SCOTUSBlog is once again liveblogging, and today it looks like they’re sneaking in more jokes. Look out Wonkette (who has not done any liveblogging)! Talking Points Memo and Adam Serwer are also continuing their coverage from yesterday. Adam gets my vote for on-point race politic analysis, but TPM dug up this gem of a clip in which Sotomayor patiently explains or Orrin Hatch the difference between firearms and, um, nunchaku. And, personal plug, you can follow my Twitter feed to see what’s catching my eye. I don’t tweet about what I had for breakfast, I promise. Who are you reading? Who’s on point? Who’s hilariously off point? Today is the first day that Sotomayor and the senators have to talk to each other; how are they all getting along?