Sofia Vergara’s Colombian Relatives Think She Should’ve Won an Emmy for Best Dress

The Colombian actress explains how her family thinks acting awards ceremonies are like beauty pageants.

By Jorge Rivas Sep 23, 2011

Sofia Vergara stopped by David Letterman’s last night to promote the upcoming season premiere of ABC’s "Modern Family. Shortly in to the interview Letterman asked her about being nominated for an Emmy. And not winning.

"They don’t understand. They start calling me from Colombia," Vergara told Letterman after he asked if her family was sympathetic. They call and ask "’Why you didn’t win?’ They really think it’s a beauty pageant," she said. "Your dress was the best, and the hair, by far."

Vergara, who was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and started her acting career in Spanish telenovelas, has had a successful cross-over to English language media but she’s got her Latino critics too.

"We love Sofia Vergara, but every now and then, it gets a little under our skin how she seems to embrace some stereotypes about us Latinas," Mariela Rosario wrote for Latina Magazine. Rosario also wonders whether Vergara is exaggerating her accent these days.

Take a look at this video from 1998.