Social Justice Educator Lutze Segu On Anger And Compassion In Online Activist Spaces

By Chevon Drew Oct 25, 2016

Stream this episode of the "Facing Race: Stories & Voices" podcast, in which Lutze Segu discusses critical self-reflection, pointing out how important it is to “complicate your politics” and have compassion when doing social justice work. Lutze is the founder of, a site dedicated to "queering spaces, understandings and ideas."

The "Facing Race: Stories & Voices" podcast features an array of thinkers and advocates from our 2014 Facing Race Conference, sharing formative memories that illustrate unique experiences in racial justice work. This podcast was produced by Race Forward’s Jay Smooth, Rebekah Spicuglia, and Chevon Drew, with interviews recorded by StoryCorps.  Rate and subscribe to the Facing Race: Stories & Voices Podcast on iTunes at