Sisters Dropping Beats

By Guest Columnist Sep 16, 2008

By Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Women of Color Resource Center Speak Fierce! First the mainstream media reported that he’d said it—lipstick on a pig—then they reported that the other side was upset, and thought he was sexist! After a fantastic week-long bout of back and forth, this weekend the mainstream media finally took the time to ask the burning question: “Why did we spend so much time reporting on the lipstick comment?” Meanwhile the non-existent California budget puts important social serves are at risk, banks are going bankrupt, US soldiers are being shuffled from Iraq to Afghanistan, and even Pakistan. TEMPO (Technological Empowerment & Media Project of Oakland) is our response to the mainstream media. TEMPO participants and mentors build, from scratch, bold radio documentaries about the topics that actually impact their lives, from welfare reform, to underage prostitution and Hip Hop culture. Check out some of our past documentaries: From the Playground to the Streets Underage Prostitution in Oakland and The Beat is Tight but the Words ain’t Right African American Women’s Reflections on Hip-Hop