Shoshana Johnson Wins CNN While Being Female, Black, Herself [VIDEO]

By Channing Kennedy Nov 06, 2009

Comparing this data (from Media Metters’ Cable Diversity report): to this empirical evidence: … we can see clear benefits to white males in keeping women and people of color off the air. for those of you without audio: Crooks and Liars has a transcript, but here’s perhaps the best evidence of an inter-guest disparity in news awareness:

TOM KENNIF: I spent a year in Iraq, ma’am. Have you ever been to Iraq? SHOSHANA JOHNSON: I’m a POW. I got shot.

Seriously, it’s great to see this — Specialist Johnson speaks here with authority and experience, without "minding her manners" or "acting CNN." In doing so, she’s providing a terrific antidote to the MSM’s compulsion to give ‘equal time’ to even the most unqualified of opposing viewpoints. More qualified talking heads, please. In the wake of the Fort Hood tragedy, it’s vital for CNN, Fox News, and liberal ol’ MSNBC to start putting more, or any, Arab-American faces and voices in front of the cameras.