Sharpton and Louima; Will Latinos Become White?

By Jonathan Adams Aug 13, 2007

Black men have the shortest lives in America. America has dropped from 11th to 42nd place in two decades, and officials say, “life expectancy of African Americans is 73.3 compared with 77.9 for whites. For African-American males, it is even shorter: 69.8.” The Guardian. Soldiers fighting for U.S. worry as family members face deportation. While immigrants are encouraged to enlist in the military to expedite their citizenship, their families do not receive similar treatment. Associated Press. Will Latinos Become White? Sociologists are finding a trend in survey data that has Latinos reporting conflicting racial identities. They argue, “Latinos may learn that they occupy a unique position in the U.S. racial structure and their self identification may reflect this.” Scientific Blogging. Workers took on Nike and won. 400 Black employees received $7.6 million settlement and a promise of diversity training for its Nike store employees in an arduous racial discrimination suit that has taken two men five years to win. Chicago Tribune. Harlem development pits African drummers against new condo owners. The gentrification of Black America’s most beloved neighborhood has many residents wondering how the new and old will coexist. Associated Press. Victim, Sharpton look back on infamous NYPD torture case. It’s been ten years since Haitian immigrant Abner Louima was assaulted by white police officers, but Louima and Al Sharpton argue that the Sean Bell case proves that police brutality in New York is not a thing of the past. Newsday.