Sex Without a Condom the New Engagement Ring?

By Victor Corral Jul 30, 2008

The comment thread on NPR is blowin’ up! Listeners are ranting (and raving) about the new “What’s the New What” segment on NPR in which Pendarvis Harshaw, an Oakland teen at Youth Radio, discusses how for his generation, sex without a condom is a sign of being in a committed relationship. Harshaw and his group of friends advocate getting tested for STD’s and using birth control pills as a responsible way to have sex in a monogamous relationship. Listeners’ comments are all over the place. Some are disgusted that NPR would even post this, while others are praising Harshaw and his friends for showing maturity and responsibility when it comes to sex. Given that the latest trends show that STD’s, especially HIV and AIDS have been increasing among communities of color for the last few years, predominantly among young Black men and women, what do you think about this issue?