Schwarzenegger’s Blockbuster Budget Cuts Terminate the Safety Net [VIDEO]

By Channing Kennedy Aug 13, 2009

When financial crisis hit, the California legislature didn’t raise taxes, end tax giveaways, or cut corporate welfare. Instead, they cut services to the people made most vulnerable by the recession — children, the elderly, the sick, victims of domestic violence, AIDS patients, and people just trying to get back to work. Now — where could our legislature have learned their priorities? Too many movies? ColorLines’ Darlene Pagano takes on the Governator in this new video. Former California State Senator Sheila Kuehl has written an excellent essay detailing exactly who the cuts affect. Spoiler alert: it’s not anyone who can bear the burden. Also check out this L.A. Times article that digs into the question of whether Schwarzenegger’s last-minute vetoes were constitutional.