Sarah Palin’s Latest Campaign Move? End Reality Show

The former Alaska governor continues her shameless presidential bid.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 10, 2011

Sunday’s season finale of Sarah Palin’s Alaska is said to be the show’s last episode, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The former Alaska governor’s TLC reality series lured an average of 3.2 million viewers per week, with its season premiere garnering the highest viewership in the network’s history. So naturally, the cancellation has left everyone wondering why the show isn’t getting renewed for another run.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska, produced by Mark Burnett, who created Survivor and The Apprentice, was supposed to introduce us the beautiful state of Alaska, but viewers didn’t really learn anything about the state that they didn’t already learn in elementary school.

Instead we saw calculated storylines of Sarah Palin being a mother who could one day turn into president. For example, in one scene the Palin’s build a fourteen-foot-high-wall to block a new neighbor’s views because the person moved in to write his unauthorized biography of the Palins.

 "I thought that was a good example, what we just did. Others could look at it and say, ‘Oh, this is what we need to do to secure our nation’s border,’ " Palin later said about the wall she and her husband built.

Palin and her family’s decision to opt out of shooting more episodes is another calculated move to stay in the news and save TLC from a lot of trouble.

Palin hasn’t confirmed rumors about whether or not she’ll run in 2012, but she’s not fooling too many people. If the former vice presidential nominee stayed on the air and ran for president, TLC would have to devote equal airtime to the other candidates thanks to the equal opportunity provision of the Communications Act, which requires radio and television stations to provide equal time to all presidential hopefuls.