Sacramento Airport Bans Billboard Pushing Healthcare for the Undocumented

By Julianne Hing Jun 13, 2014

In Sacramento, Calif., a billboard similar to more than 100 like it that have gone up around the state has been banned from the state capital’s airport, reports Sacramento’s NBA affiliate KCRA. The billboard, a project of the California Endowment’s #Health4All campaign, is pushing for healthcare for all California residents, including undocumented immigrants who are excluded from Affordable Care Act coverage. 

"In-terminal advertising at Sacramento International Airport is managed by Clear Channel Airports under a contract with the Sacramento County Department of Airports," the airport told KCRA 3 in a statement. "The California Endowment ad was declined because it did not meet the advertising display policy set forth in the agreement we established with Clear Channel, which requires that under no circumstances shall advertising be displayed that would ‘involve the country or the airport in controversial, social, moral, political or ethical issues.’"

According to estimates from the UCLA Labor Center, 1 million Californians remain ineligible for healthcare because of their immigration status. More than 100 #Health4All billboards have gone up around the state, and have been accompanied by radio and TV ads as well.

The campaign includes the faces of some of the most high-profile young undocumented immigrants, including Sergio Garcia, the state’s first known undocumented attorney; Steve Li, who was detained in Arizona amidst the 2010 federal DREAM Act fight before his own parents were deported to Peru; and Ju Hong, a prominent Asian-American immigrant rights activist who interrupted President Obama during a speech in San Francisco last fall.

(h/t Immigration Prof Blog)