“Right to Return” Airing this Week

By The News May 29, 2007

(A Right to Return) A daring film that follows a fractured group of people on their courageous return to New Orleans to reclaim their homes and repair their broken lives started airing on PBS Monday, Mcjoan of Daily Kos reported:

Nearly on a par with the travesty that is Iraq, but long forgotten by much of the nation’s traditional media, the nation’s failure in post-Katrina New Orleans goes on. The government that failed to respond to the immediate crisis continues to fail, as billions of already appropriated dollars remain unspent. The plight of those hit hardest by Katrina, the residents of the Ninth Ward, are getting some attention, now. Beginning tonight, the Tavis Smiley show on PBS will present a week-long series on post-Katrina New Orleans called ""Right to Return: New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward."

The press release on the film doesn’t place race in focus but these stories captured on video are about Black New Orleanians and how their being hit the hardest even before Katrina has made their journey back so noteworthy.