Over the weekend, [Willow Smith shared a letter she wrote "years" ago to the Tupac Shakur that asked the late rapper to come back. ](http://instagram.com/p/OdR9QpCPiD/?intent=like) [The image of the letter was posted to Instagram. ](http://instagram.com/p/OdR9QpCPiD/?intent=like) "Can you please come back, can you come back so momy [sic] and me can be happy," wrote the 11-year-old star in the letter she says she wrote "YEARS" ago. Willow Smith’s mother Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac first became close friends as teenagers who attended the Baltimore School For The Arts together. The rapper’s love for Pinkett-Smith was revealed in a poem titled "4 Jada" released in the 1999 book "A Rose Who Grew From Concrete." "You are the omega of my heart, The foundation for my conception of love.When I think of what a black woman should be, it’s you that I first think of," the rapper wrote about Pinkett-Smith. "You will never fully understand how deeply my heart feels for you. I worry that we’ll grow apart and I’ll end up losing you," the poem read.