Read Chef Roy Choi’s ‘Lost’ Chapter on Food, Growing Up in Immigrant LA

Here's what you won't see in the popular chef's new biography 'L.A. Son.'

By Jamilah King Sep 30, 2013

Roy Choi is a Korean-American chef who gained a huge following with his gourmet Korean taco truck Kogi. He’s got an autobiography called "L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food" due out November 5 and what makes him unique is how unafraid he is to talk about food as an important part of a city’s culture, along with its crime and missed opportunities (check out his presentation at MAD3 posted above). But, as the chef wrote over at his blog recently, there’s one chapter that you won’t see in the book:

I’m very proud of it and think it represents LA, immigrant life, food, and my growth well. It feels and smells like LA and OC. It extends itself like a good album. I hope you will like it. There are 12 chapters but one didn’t make the cut. So here is a b-side before the book even comes out. It’s not edited, it’s still raw.

You can read the so-called "lost" chapter over at Choi’s blog

(h/t Angry Asian Man)