READ: A Brilliant Breakdown of Baltimore’s Segregation

By Sameer Rao Jul 01, 2016

While the nation continues to look toward Baltimore as the police officers charged in Freddie Gray‘s death face trial, a local alternative weekly publication opted to take a deep dive into the segregation—of race, economic resources and state support—that define reality for many of the city’s residents.

Baltimore City Paper‘s newest issue features various city maps and explanatory features, all coded to analyze factors that contribute to segregation patterns.


In "Two Baltimores: The White L vs. the Black Butterfly," contributor Lawrence Brown dissects the structural divisions between the affluent, predominantly White L-shaped neighborhood cluster near downtown and the mainly impoverished, Black butterfly-shaped district map flanking that L. As he demonstrates, the L receives greater corporate and state support, plus a friendlier relationship with the police.


As the color-coded maps and accompanying stories about incarceration, land and building vacancy and unemployment tweeted above demonstrate, that racial division echoes other issues connected to structural racism and city policy. The publication also features stories about mural installation, food deserts and health disparities throughout Baltimore.

Click here to check out the stories and maps.