Rapper 2pac’s Family Readies Legal Team to Stop Release of Sex Tape

Afeni Shakur, the slain rapper's mother, says she will sue any and everyone who tries to sell the 1991 tape of her son with an unidentified woman.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 07, 2011

There’s been plenty of Tupac Shakur material released since the rapper’s 1996 death. But if his family has anything to say about it, a 1991 sex tape will not become part of that repertoire, according to The Root, citing TMZ.

On Wednesday TMZ released still shots from an alleged 5-minute sex tape where Shakur is seen standing in a living room receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman. (Warning: photos may be inappropriate for viewing at work.) TMZ describes the scene in the video: "An unreleased Tupac song is playing in the background, as the rapper sings along, wiggling his hips — all the while getting serviced by the woman."

According to TMZ, Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur, is aware of the tape — and has told her spokesperson, "get the legal team ready because [we] will not allow someone to put it out."

"We will sue anyone who tries to sell a Tupac tape," a representative for Shakur’s estate also told TMZ.

It’s unclear who appears in the tape presented by TMZ but the family believes the woman seen in the video may be responsible for marketing it.