Racial Threats on Facebook, and other news

By The News Aug 14, 2009

photo credit: Libraryman Black Man Guilty of Racial Threats on Facebook A Black man pleaded guilty before a U.S. District Court for making racially-related threats on a fictitious Facebook account wherein he impersonated a white supremacist. He made death threats against a Black university student, and now faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Anti-Government Militia Groups Rise Up Again A report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center says that right-wing militia groups are rapidly spreading across the country. The report states that, among the factors fueling their anti-government agendas are a bad economy, a liberal government led by a Black president, and the changing demographics of the country. U.S. Detains Journalist Seeking Refuge A Pakistani journalist employed by the U.S.-sponsored Voice of America news service was detained by U.S. immigration officials after he fled to the U.S. following death threats her received from Islamic militants. "Lil’ Monkey" Doll Pulled by Costco Costco pulled thousands of dolls from its "Cuddle With Me" series off the shelves, after complaints arose from customers claiming that one of the toys, a black baby doll with the phrase "Lil’ Monkey" etched on its cap, was racially offensive.