Racial Health Disparity Cost Billions, and other news

By The News Sep 18, 2009

Racial Health Disparity Cost US Billions A study released by researchers from Johns-Hopkins and the University of Maryland reveals that between 2003 and 2006, racial health disparities cost the U.S. $229 billion dollars. Breaking down the issue in monetary costs may help best address how to lower rising health care costs, but much research is still necessary to understand and curb the persistent gap in quality of health and health care access. To view the report, visit www.jointcenter.org CIA Seeks Arab-American Support CIA Director, Leon Panetta, made a bold move by reaching out to Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, the most heavily-populated Arab city in the U.S. While many Arab-Americans credit Panetta for his audacious plea for support, other have met his efforts with skepticism, especially due to on-going incidents of profiling from intelligence, homeland-security, and law enforcement agencies. Documentary on Marine Widow’s Immigration Battle "Second Battle" is a 30-minute documentary on two spouses who now face deportation by the United States, the country which their husbands had served in the military. A problematic immigration law threatens to deport Hotaru Ferschke and her son, both Japanese citizens, because her marriage to her now late husband Sgt. Ferschke was never ‘consummated’.