Rachel Maddow Exposes Racist Origins of SB1070

By Seth Freed Wessler Apr 28, 2010

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Rachel Maddow spent a rich six minutes this week unpacking the racist roots of SB1070, Arizona’s obviously racist immigration bill. The bill, she reports, was drafted by an Arizona legislator who has previously appeared in photos hugging neo-Nazis, along with the legal arm of FAIR, an anti-immigrant group founded by eugenicist John Tanton who was stately concerned with maintaining "a European-American majority". It’s well established that SB1070 is racist. It opens the door for, and even mandates, racial profiling, and was passed as a result of the wholesale dehumanization of immigrants. Maddow adds some depth to that story and makes it impossible for anyone to argue that the bill is just an attempt to uphold and enforce immigration law. Its impact and its intent are all about race.