USC Annenberg digital journalism professor Robert Hernandez was scheduled to present a keynote to the Associate Collegiate Press Conference, but his flight was cancelled. Hernandez’s talk appears to hold the underlying premise that learning code is powerful because doing so helps you learn problem-solving skills–which is what every good journalist needs. And while we may not always be keen to admit it, many journalists are pretty nerdy, and use heuristic reasoning as an approach to storytelling (yay, Polya’s How to Solve It!)

But Hernandez himself faced the problem of delivering his keynote without actually being in the same room as conference attendees. So what did he do? He recorded a video and encouraged people to interact with him through a question and answer session via Twitter–while Hernandez was flying over Colorado. Folks participated with the hashtag #ACPressAMA.

Problem? Solved.

(h/t Steve Saldivar)