The Problematic Pop-Culture Movement to ‘Save’ Africa

By Jessica Valoris Oct 24, 2006

The RaceWire Beat – 10.24.06 The Problematic Pop-Culture Movement to ‘Save’ Africa Madonna’s adoption debacle is about more than one Malawian baby. Celebrity stunts and corporate campaigns reveal that well-meaning Americans often have no idea how to help Africans. Low Pay, High Rent, Wit’s End California families are increasingly threatened by gentrification. GOP Plays The ‘Race Card’ GOP attack ad draws heat for racial overtones. Guantanamo Interrogations Spark Battle Over Tactics The inside story of criminal investigators who tried to stop abuse. Latino and Black Voters Reassessing Ties to GOP Clergy and other leaders say promises haven’t been kept. Immigration: What Part of ILLEGAL Don’t You Understand? The law-and-order absolutists have always had a weak position. The RaceWire Beat is a digest of the day’s top news stories on race and politics collected by the staff at ColorLines magazine.