Pro-Lifers: Black Children Are ‘Endangered Species’

By Jamilah King Feb 15, 2010

Georgia Right to Life, an anti-abortion non-profit, has launched a series of billboards in an apparent effort to add Black children to the list of endangered North American mammals, which already includes the Mexican Bobcat, Brown Bear, and West Indian Manatee. "I think [the billboard campaign] is necessary," Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue told the New York Daily News. "Abortion in the black community is at epidemic proportions. They’re not really aware of what’s actually going on. If it shocks people … it should be shocking." Sullenger, a white woman, appears to be referencing a historical trend of Black people’s apparent ignorance of the issues impacting their own communities. Instead, it’s been reported they often rely on the kind heartedness of white women to diagnose and treat such issues.