Pro-Confederate Flag Group Charged With Terrorism and Gang Activity

By Kenrya Rankin Oct 13, 2015

Yesterday, 15 Confederate flag supporters were indicted on terrorism charges after threatening a group of black partygoers on the streets of Douglasville, an Atlanta suburb. Douglas County District Attorney Ryan Fortner says the group, which calls itself Respect the Flag, made terroristic threats and were participating in criminal gang activity, which violates the state’s anti-street-gang statue. The indictments stemmed from a grand jury decision.

The victims say they were at an outdoor party in July when several pickup trucks decorated with Confederate battle flags and American flags pulled up and the folks inside began to yell racial slurs. The the assailants also alleged to have brandished a crowbar, knife and either a rifle of a shotgun, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“We do want to say that we respect the rights of all citizens to exercise their First Amendment right, but we’re going to require them when they’re doing that to respect the rights of all of the citizens to feel safe,” Fortner said during a press conference. As of yesterday, four of the men had already been arrested. 

Click here to see video that shows the tail end of the interaction. And watch a report from local station Fox 5, which includes clips from Fortner’s press conference, below.