Prince Pulls Off His Pajama Party

Paisley Park hosted a serious breakfast party this weekend.

By Aura Bogado Oct 21, 2013

As promised to those who made a $50 donation, Prince welcomed fans to Paisley Park, where people lounged around in fashionable pajama wear, ate pancakes, and got to hear the coolest 55-year-old play a set and an encore. 

Dubbed The Breakfast Experience, the entry line to Prince’s pajama party was long–but well worth it, at least for some fans. One Instagram user said he made new friends and had pizza during the four hour wait, and seemed happy to enjoy the pancakes, and especially enjoy the encore. But one Minnesota City Pages reviewer grew annoyed at the few refreshment options and left after one set, wrongly assuming there was no encore.

What do you think? Would you have stuck around through the whole pajama party, the pancakes, the show and the encore? 

(Fan photo: swisslara/Instagram)