Potential Power of the Immigrant Vote; Obama Shifts to South Carolina

By The News Jan 09, 2008

City Settles Another Lawsuit Over 2004 Republican Convention New York City has been made to pay $50,000 in settlement fees in a lawsuit that was brought against it in 2004 by an Arab-American and anti-racism coalition. The groups sought to use the Great Lawn in Central Park during the 2004 Republican convention, but were denied a permit. NY1. Obama Tries to Prove Electability to Blacks in S.C. Coming out second in New Hampshire last night, Obama shifts his attention towards the next primary election in South Carolina on January 26. Washington Post. Latino Leaders Unite to Stop Racial Profiling In Phoenix, key leaders of three Latino non-profit organizations met with the city’s police chief over a policy that could potentially racially profile Latinos, who make up 40% of the Valley region. AZcentral.com. One Million Immigrants Seek US Citizenship to Vote Immigrants may prove to be key voters in the upcoming 2008 presidential elections, as one million applications from immigrants were submitted for citizenship. These votes may weigh heavily in states such as Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. AFP. City of Baltimore Sues Wells Fargo Wells Fargo has been accused by the City of Baltimore for specifically targeting Black communities with ‘risky loan products’ leading to an overwhelming amount of foreclosures. Black neighborhoods were found to have ‘nearly double the overall city average’ of foreclosures. DSnews.com.