Possible Genetic Reasons For Racial Disparity in Cancer Deaths, and other news

By The News Jul 27, 2009

Study Suggests Genetic Explanation for Racial Disparity in Cancer Deaths A new national study suggests that biological racial differences may explain why Black women are more likely to die of breast cancer than white women. The study has sparked debate among researchers about the role of genetics versus social or institutional factors in explaining such disparities. Councilman’s Job in Jeopardy After Forwarding Racist Jokes Gary Frago, a city councilmember in Atwater, California has come under fire for disseminating racial jokes by email to other city leaders and friends in the community. Despite recognizing his poor judgment, Frago maintains that he is not a racist and believes he had done nothing wrong. Poor Neighborhoods Negatively Impact Black Middle-Class Research done by the Pew Charitable Trusts Economic Mobility Project points to the fact that Black middle-class families are still more likely to live in impoverished neighborhoods, a statistic that may explain how Black children with a middle-class upbringing still fare worse economically as adults than white children of similar backgrounds.