Police Stop More Blacks and Latinos on NYC Subway; Boston Wants to Study Black Men

By The News Feb 18, 2008

NYPD More Likely to Question Black, Latino Subway Riders Even though Blacks and Hispanics make up nearly 50% of the riders in the New York City Subway, a recent report from the New York Daily News has found that, during the past two years, 90% of these individuals have been questioned and stopped by the New York City Police Department. NJ.com. Rev. James Orange, civil rights activist, dies at 65 The Rev. James E. Orange, a project coordinator with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference alongside Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1965-1970, and a regional coordinator with the AFL-CIO, passed away this Saturday at the Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Lawmakers urged to create panel to study black males Lawmakers in Boston were encouraged by Black community leaders to pass a bill that would create a twenty-one person-run study to “examine the ‘social status’” of Black men throughout the state, raising some criticisms from Leonard C. Alkins, the president emeritus of the Boston NAACP chapter. Boston Globe.