In Pictures: How Workers in 10 Cities Demanded a Higher Minimum Wage

By Kenrya Rankin Nov 11, 2015

The Fight for $15 campaign held demonstrations in 270 cities yesterday. Thousands of protestors representing a range of low-wage jobs including those in fast food, home care, child care and janitorial services hit the streets to call for a $15 hourly minimum wage and the right to form unions without retaliation from their employers. 

People walked out of work, rallied outside of city halls, picketed fast-food restaurants and marched down main streets. "Come get our vote!" was a popular refrain—and a signal that the campaign, which is backed by the Service Employees International Union, intends to turn low-paid workers into a powerful voting bloc. 

Here’s how workers in 10 cities across the country showed up for $15 an hour, unions and the power of the vote.





San Diego






St. Louis




Los Angeles




New York City