Paul Ryan’s Black College Girlfriend Wants Nothing To Do With Campaign

She says she wants nothing to with Mitt and Paul's campaign.

By Jorge Rivas Aug 31, 2012

Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend offered a British newspaper an exclusive interview earlier this week but now she wants nothing to do with the media. Is this a case of the Romney campaign trying to silence her?

The nice people at TMZ just got in touch with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Daneeta Pope but she said she wanted nothing to do with them and the election:

Pope said, "I’m not interested in talking. I don’t know why everyone is calling. I’m newly married and would just like to be left alone."

Ryan did an interview awhile back, saying he had a Black GF during college. Ryan was clearly trying to blunt criticism that he was not sympathetic to African Americans.

The interesting story here is that just yesterday the UK’s Daily Mail published an exclusive interview with Pope:

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Deneeta Pope said she met the future vice presidential candidate through friends at Miami University some 20 years ago.

Pope, 40, said: ‘Paul is a very nice guy, a kind guy and a family guy. He’s very approachable and a very likeable person.’

The relationship and the negative reaction he said he suffered from his so-called friends were a formative experience in the political evolution of the VP pick who described himself as a ‘big, big fan’ of Martin Luther King and is a staunch advocate of civil rights.

But Pope, an I.T. specialist and realtor living in Chicago, denies that they experienced any racism as a couple.

Pope also said that while their relationship was not very serious, they have remained friends through the years.

‘It tells you the kind of guy Paul is when you learn that he has remained friends with all of his friends that he met in college.’

So she was divulging plenty of information just days ago but now she wants nothing to do with the media? Did she get a call from the Romney campaign asking her to keep quiet? Or is she over it already?

The good thing is even TMZ sees Romney’s campaign is having trouble attracting black voters.