O’Reilly Learns Nothing from Whoopi and Joy Storming Off Set

Makes the same assertion about Muslims on his own show later that day.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 15, 2010

We’re a day late bringing you this treasure from ABC’s "The View," but it’s such a good clip that we had to make sure you’ve seen it.

Yesterday Bill O’Reilly stopped by "The View" to promote his new book and at one point blamed Muslims for 9/11. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked him to clarify and all hell broke lose. Whoopie and Joy Behar stormed out.

O’Reilly tried to clarify his remarks by saying, "Muslim extremist attacked us." But later that day, on his prime time Fox News show, O’Reilly stuck to the declaration he’d made earlier, that "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

Behar also continued the conversation (with none other than Jesse Ventura) on her own show. "I was really angry. I thought O’Reilly was saying … something I construe as hate speech, frankly," she said. "It upsets me, as you can see. To say Muslims killed us on 9/11, is like … you could say that about any group, to lump an entire group like that."