O.J. Simpson Jury Selection Begins Race Debate

By The News Sep 15, 2008

O.J. Simpson Case Replays Questions of Race "As testimony in O.J. Simpson’s trial on robbery charges gets underway this week, one thing is already abundantly clear: When the former football star enters a courtroom, so does a debate about race." Los Angeles Times. The Wilder Effect Gary Younge interviews Doug Wilder, 77, the former Virginia governor who was the first Black man ever to be elected governor in the United States, about the challenges of race facing Barack Obama’s campaign. The Guardian. In Face of Hurricane, Black Panthers Protect Houston Shops "Panthers standing ready in black and Hispanic neighborhoods to protect stations belonging to owners without regard to ethnic or racial background." Houston Chronicle. Bridging Generations and Hemispheres Wayne Wang returns to his directorial roots with two most intimate films, “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers” and “The Princess of Nebraska,” both based on stories by the Chinese-born author Yiyun Li. New York Times.