Obama Selects Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery

By Jonathan Adams Dec 17, 2008

Obama Picks Rick Warren, Joseph Lowery for Inaugural Prayers Obama’s progressive supporters are furious that he chose Rick Warren, an anti-gay minister, to give the invocation. Many, however, are overlooking Joseph Lowery, a civil rights movement leader and gay marriage advocate, who will lead the benediction. Huffington Post. Asians Fight for Bilingual Ballot "The struggle to make elections accessible to all residents of Boston, Massachusetts moved forward after the Boston City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to extend fully bilingual ballots to Asian American voters in the city." Diverse Education. Four Arrests Raise Tension in Dispute Over Sheriff "The authorities arrested four people Wednesday at a meeting of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, a development that heightened months of tension between county officials and a vocal group of activists who oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio." New York Times.