Obama Plans to Close Gitmo; Bush Expands Local Spying Powers

By The News Nov 12, 2008

Obama Makes Closing Guantanamo Top Priority "The Obama administration will launch a review of the classified files of the approximately 250 detainees at Guantanamo Bay immediately after taking office, as part of an intensive effort to close the U.S. prison in Cuba, according to people who advised the campaign on detainee issues." Washington Post. Blaming Blacks for Prop 8 On the racism at Prop 8 rallies, Kai Wright says, "Somebody forgot to tell gay people that race wars are no longer in vogue. While the rest of the country has spent the last week reveling in the afterglow of Grant Park, gay America has devolved into a Sarah Palin rally." TheRoot.com SC Christian Coalition Wants End to Raids An ICE raid in Greenville, SC that ended in 300 immigrants being detained led a Christian group to call for a stop to immigration raids in South Carolina until immigration laws are overhauled. Associated Press. Bush Plans Last Minute Regulations It was recently announced that over 90 new regulations would be finalized by the Bush administration before the end of his term. Democrats, however, plan to utilize a clause passed during the Clinton years to reverse the regulations. Politico.