Obama Effigy Found on Christian Campus; LA State Rep. Proposes Sterilization for Poor Women

By The News Sep 26, 2008

La. Lawmaker Wants to Pay Poor Women for Sterilization Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo said Tuesday he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied in order to cut down welfare costs. Similar to the federal programs for coercive sterilization of Black women the ’60s and ’70s, LaBruzzo admits the idea may be a tough sell politically. The Times-Picayune. Obama Effigy Hanged on Oregon Campus A cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama’s likeness was found hanging from a tree Tuesday at George Fox University, a Christian school in Newberg, Oregon. The lynched effigy of Obama also protested a scholarship given to students of color at Christian schools in the region. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Latino Coalition to Register a Million Voters A coalition of Spanish-language media and community organizations kicked off a massive voter registration drive Thursday with a campaign — whose name in Spanish, "Ya es Hora, Ve y Vota!" translates as "It’s Time, Go Vote." Associated Press. Crowds Protest Immigration Raids in Chicago Suburbs "More than 100 people Wednesday night marched and held a candlelight vigil in Chicago’s western suburbs in an effort to halt raids, address inhuman conditions at Immigration detention centers and urge enactment of a state law that would give clergy access to detainees in county jails. Chicago Tribune.