Obama Addresses NAACP, and other news

By The News Jul 17, 2009

Obama Addresses NAACP at Centennial President Obama delivered his first address to civil rights leaders at the NAACP’s Centennial, recognizing the historical contributions of the organization while urging activists to remain committed in challenging the social inequities of today. Healthcare Disparity in Maine In Maine, activists are calling for health care legislation that will address issues of health disparity between different racial groups. Statistics show that underrepresented communities nationally and within Maine have less access to medical care and are in poorer health. South Dakota Native Americans Still Feel Racism A group of protesters gathered outside the Pennington County Courthouse to bring attention to racism that persists toward Native Americans in South Dakota. The first hate crime being prosecuted under the state law involves two women assaulting a Mexican and Native American nearby a Walmart. Black Man Dresses In Ku Klux Attire At Hearing Michael Hunt, a black man arrested for violating a vending ordinance, appeared in court dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire and refused to remove his hood, prompting some Los Angeles City Council members to leave the proceedings.