Oakland Mayor Marries Black Gay Couples; ICE Raids Traumatize Children

By The News Jun 18, 2008

Connerly: Obama’s Not Post-Race Connerly says, "Soothing rhetoric about uniting our nation against a backdrop of American flags isn’t sufficient to accomplish that objective. Specific policies like affirmative action – and where candidates stand on them – are where the rubber meets the road." Unfortunately for Connerly, Obama has decided that a Black presidential nominee does not mean an end to affirmative action. Wall Street Journal. Oakland’s Black Gay, Lesbian Couples Marry "Dellums said Oakland is ‘one of the most diverse cities in the country and we join in the celebration of this historic day of human rights for all people.’ The mayor said, ‘This is not about protest, this is about celebration." The Daily Voice. Former New York Police Officer Acquitted of Immigrant’s Death A former Mount Kisco police officer was acquitted of all charges on Tuesday in the death of an immigrant from Guatemala, ending a case that roiled the Westchester County suburbs a year ago. New York Times. Ex-Offenders Gather at Expungement Summit In D.C. yesterday, nearly 1,000 people attended the Community Reentry and Expungement Summit, seeking legal advice and tips on how to survive outside prison and how to land a job. Washington Post. ESPN Suspends Black Woman for "Imus-like" Comment ESPN.com columnist Jemele Hill was suspended yesterday after sparking outrage by comparing rooting for the Boston Celtics [team stats] to Adolf Hitler and nuclear war. Hill’s suspension comes after hosts of “Toucher & Rich” on WBCN-FM (104.1) said she should receive the same treatment she called for for radio host Don Imus. Boston Herald. Raids Traumatizing Immigrant Children "A recent congressional hearing discussed the trauma imposed on children of undocumented immigrants during raids on their parent workplaces and in their neighborhoods." The Epoch Times.