NY Renames Street for Muslim EMT and Cadet who Died on 9/11

By Aura Bogado Apr 30, 2014

Mohammad Salman Hamdani was on his way to work in Manhattan on the morning of September 11, 2001 when he heard and saw what happened at the Twin Towers. The 23-year-old EMT and police cadet rushed to scene to help; his body was later recovered at Ground Zero. Hamdani, who emigrated from Pakistan with his parents as a toddler, was later unjustly accused of having been involved in the attacks. 

Hamdani’s name was later cleared–but serves as one of countless examples of the ways Muslims are profiled in New York. This week, however, a street in Bayside, Queens (just a block from where he lived) has been renamed Salman Hamdani Way.

(h/t New York Daily News)