Not Speaking English Carries High Costs, and Other News

By The News Apr 14, 2009

Organized Labor Agrees to Push for Immigration Reform Leaders from labor groups AFL-CIO and Change to Win announced they will join forces under a set of unified principles to push for comprehensive immigration reform this year. New York Times Schwarzenegger Funnels $9.2 Million Into Gang Policing As schools suffer from budget cuts and the state hits a 10% unemployment rate, California Governor Schwarzenegger announced plans to give out large million dollar grants to organizations in 17 cities and 13 to fight gangs. LA Sentinel Report: More Than a Million New Citizens Last Year The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials reports that one million immigrants became citizens last year, topping a record high set in 1996. RedLands Daily Facts Limited English-Speaking Skills Carries a Heavy Cost Some economists and researchers project that the wage penalty for limited English proficiency can be anywhere from 4 percent to almost 40 percent of earnings for Spanish-speakers. NAM