A Non-Grotesque Picture From the Hospital Room of Louisville’s Kevin Ware

After last night's victory, Kevin Ware's teammates went to visit him in the hospital, and they brought the regional championship trophy along with them.

By Jorge Rivas Apr 01, 2013

Louisville Cardinals sophomore guard Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in televised sports history on Sunday night. His team, however, went on to win the game and made sure to bring the good news (and the Midwest Regional trophy) to Ware’s bedside on Sunday night.

There’s also more good news, less 24 hours after the incident and one surgery later,Ware has been able to move around his Indianapolis hospital room with the help of crutches.

The University of Louisville’s sports medicine director, Fred Hina, told the Courier-Journal Monday morning that though Ware’s recovery will be lengthy, the injury should not end his career.

Ware’s teammates have been posting pictures to different social media sites. Check out some of the updates below.