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By Colorlines Staff Jun 24, 2009

AZ Block on Affirmative Action Headed to Ballot
The Arizona state senate passed a constitutional amendment that would end affirmative action practices in the state and is now headed to the 2010 ballot.

American Indian Health Care Needs Patient Information and Funds
Professionals and researchers say that the $85 million dollar stimulus check to IHS isn’t enough money for proper IT systems.

Report Says Immigration Crucial For Housing Recovery

The 2009 State of the Nation’s Housing report found that the resilience of our failing housing market could be weakened by a slowdown in immigration.

American Indians and Latinos Make Up Majority of Alcohol-Related Suicides
Researchers at the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control found that 24 percent of people who died by suicide were severely intoxicated and the majority of that group were American Indian and Latino.