New York’s Public Housing Tenants Sue Over Slow Pace of Repairs

The Big Apple is a bad landlord, according to a new lawsuit.

By Jamilah King Apr 30, 2013

New York City is a slumlord, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday in the Big Apple’s Housing Court. The New York City Housing Authority has more than 400,000 tenants, making it the city biggest landlord. But delays in repairs have long plagued the agency and the backlog of repairs currently stands at 300,000 word orders, [according to the New York Times]( More from the Times: > More than 300 tenants at the [Alfred E.] Smith Houses who are suing the authority listed numerous repairs needed in their complex of 12 buildings, including leaks, flooding, mold, warped floors, holes in walls, and broken stoves, toilets, doors, windows, buzzers and mailboxes. > > Aixa O. Torres, president of the tenant association, said residents were often left without gas because pipes needed to be replaced. She said that in her 60 years in the project, the situation had never been so bad. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg blames the backlog on a reduction in federal subsidies over the last decade. His solution? A proposal to lease land within eight public housing projects in Manhattan to private developers to help pay for the repairs. The mayor’s proposal is widely opposed by public housing tenants, who fear that the move would be the first step in kicking them out of their homes. Bloomberg’s proposal has also been an issue in this year’s mayoral race, with former housing activist and current frontrunner Christine Quinn speaking out against it.