New York Judge Releases Officer Pantaleo’s Grand Jury Info–Kinda

By Carla Murphy Dec 04, 2014

A day after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the homicide of Eric Garner, a New York judge has granted a partial release of normally secret proceedings, as requested by district attorney Dan Donovan. Don’t get excited. There will be no document dump as in Officer Darren Wilson’s case in St. Louis–and therefore no handy PBS witness spreadsheet of whom said what, certainly no detailed fodder for debate on cable and social media. According to the judge’s order Donovan did not request that transcripts of witness testimony nor exhibits be released–only "certain limited information." What Donovan requested, specifically, the court does not say. The substance of what the court has released, in partial recognition of the unique public interest in the Pantaleo decision, it says, follows:

9 weeks. Length of time the grand jury sat

50 witnesses. That includes 22 civilians; 28 cops, EMTs and doctors

60 exhibits. The total admitted into evidence, including four videos

Read the court’s order and rationale here. Then tuck into my colleague Julianne Hing’s latest, "Why Courts Can’t Solve The Problem of Cops Who Kill."