So much for a "Beastie Boys Square" in Manhattan. LeRoy McCarthy, the same man who’s proposed to re-name a street in Biggie’s old neighborhood "Christopher Wallace Way," has also been on mission to create the square that’s inspired by the Beastie Boys’ "Paul’s Boutique" album cover. But things aren’t going so well. The Village Voice’s Sound of the City blog has the story:

..[A] committee member warned about a "snowball effect" that might arise with other celebrities wanting streets names after them — although his example of "Ross fromFriends" living nearby seemed more comical than convincing.

After a 5-1 (plus one member abstaining) vote against the motion, McCarthy was told the decision will now be taken to the full board later in the month. Once raised there, the decision can be passed, modified or rejected. In the meantime, you can view McCarthy’s draft resolution in full at the NYC government website.

Of course, re-naming streets after political and cultural icons is a complicated and sometimes problematic process, but it’s interesting to see how this is playing out in New York City, hip-hop’s home.