New Website Maps Systems That Oppress Black Women and Girls

By Sameer Rao Jan 07, 2019

The six episodes of "Surviving R. Kelly" broke down the systems that have allowed singer R. Kelly to allegedly abuse and torment Black girls and women for nearly three decades. Recognizing that the entertainment industry isn’t the only one that ritually harms and oppresses this community, racial justice organization Color of Change launched an interactive website on Saturday (January 5) that maps these abuses across sectors.

rn tracks this violence as Black women and girls experience it in entertainment, policing, healthcare, media and many other areas. “Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ shows what happens when being Black and a woman and working class render our truths inconsequential," an introductory description on the website reads. "This interactive site—created by and for Black women and allies—visualizes the systems that put our minds and bodies at risk."

Color of Change, which counts "Surviving R. Kelly" executive producer dream hampton among its board members, launched the site in conjunction with a petition imploring supporters to stand behind Black women and girls. “It is the obligation of all of us to show up for Black women—and to demand a cost from those who won’t," the petition reads. “It is our duty as a community to protect Black girls from sexual violence and exploitation. As we begin this new year, we’re letting abusers and their enablers know that their time is up and we’re taking a stand for Black women and girls and we’re asking for you to join us in pledging to protect Black girls and women."