"Black Folk Don’t," the documentary web series that challenges common stereotypes is back with a new episode. The second season premiere episode takes place in New Orleans and interviewees include MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, noted cultural critic Touré, and numerous local residents of ages ranging 14-80. ["Black Folk Don’t"](http://blackfolkdont.com/) is the brainchild of director-producer Angela Tucker, whose past credits include feature length films, documentary and fiction shorts, web series, advocacy videos, and PSAs. "I’ve always done things that is said black people typically don’t do. I wanted to turn the stereotypes on their heads, and it was important to me to get a wide range of perspectives from everyday folks," Tucker said in a stamement.[ "’Black Folk Don’t’](http://blackfolkdont.com/) will make you laugh, make you pause, and I expect it will enrich the general perspective of how everyday people live their lives." ["Black Folk Don’t"](http://blackfolkdont.com/) Season 1 is available online, and Season 2 will air online every Tuesday in six minute episodes beginning on June 26 on blackfolkdont.com and BlackPublicMedia.org. There will be seven episodes this season. The series is shown on BlackPublicMedia.org, Vimeo, BlipTV, PBS.org as well as at blackfolkdont.com.