New Video Captures NYPD Beating Unarmed 16-Year-Old

By Carla Murphy Oct 08, 2014

Yet another example surfaced yesterday of police violence captured on video. Street-camera footage obtained by DNAinfo shows two New York City police officers alternately punching a young black man, Kahreem Tribble, with their fists and a gun on the night of August 29. The 16-year-old, who had been running, had already stopped and raised his hands in apparent surrender. He was arrested for marijuana possession. 

The two officers–Tyrane Isaac and David Afanador–have been disciplined, according to the New York Daily News, and a grand jury hearing into whether they should be criminally charged could begin as early as next week.

On October 2–and coming after Eric Garner’s death this July–police commissioner William Bratton vowed, according to The New York Times, to "aggressively seek to get those out of the department who should not be here."

Read more about the Tribble incident on DNAinfo and at the NY Daily News.