New Snapple Commercial: ‘Blatant Racism’ Say Commenters Online

Feb 17, 2012

A Snapple commercial advertising a new "half & half" lemonade and tea drink is sparking controversy online. On both YouTube and Snapple’s Facebook page, commenters say the commercial has racial overtones and is politically incorrect. An Asian actor dressed in yellow throughout the commercial says the best part of the "half & half" drink is the lemonade. He ends up fighting with a black actor who says he prefers the tea half of the drink. At the end of the commercial two white guys standing on an elevated platform say they don’t care what half of the drink is better as they watch the Asian and black actors fighting below them. "LOL Snapple, i usually tend to think look too much into things, but yea the racial overtones of this? commercial is pretty apparent," writes one commenter on the commercial [uploaded to YouTube a week ago. ]( "Is it just me or is this commerical slightly politicaly incorrect???" asked another user on [Snapple’s Facebook page when they shared the commercial.]( The comment has gone unanswered. "How strange!! what a way for the Man to get us to talk about the damn product. game on. The white man driketh [sic] and consume us! EAT THE OTHER as bell hooks? so lovingly pointed out as White Man’s perogative [sic]", another user commented. What do you think? Do you see something? Take the poll below and maybe a Snapple executive will find our results when he googles "is Snapple’s "half & half" commercial racist?"